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Ivy League Spoiled Girlfriend — So I’ve decided to actually start posting. Okay...

Ivy League Spoiled Girlfriend


So I’ve decided to actually start posting.

Okay so last month I meet a POT on seekingarrangement, his 48 and looks like a mixture between Thomas Gibson and Dylan McDermott. After running a background check and making sure he was who he said he was I went out with him. I let him choose the restaurant and he picked this place called “Pappas Bros Steakhouse” (his Lobster cost $79.96… oh hell no) It went pretty well, we talked about the places we traveled to and where we wanted to go. He told me he grew up poor in a place called “Chapayevsk” in Russia but was able to go to Moscow State University and then came to America and went to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. After college him and a colleague of his started their own Green Energy Company…. Anyway enough about him.

During the date we discussed our arrangement and exceptions.


.$2,000 a month

.Help with Tuition/School


.Random Gifts now and then




.Someone to talk to/Some one to have fun with because his job is pretty fucking boring if you ask me


.Being arm candy for special occasions and what not

He was perfectly okay with my requirements and I was fine with his (even the sex because I find him very attractive surprisingly) 

After a few more dates and meetups he finally became my official SD (YAY!) We went to The Capital Grille Saturday and he gave me this:

-iPad Mini

-$2,000 dollars (it only looks like $1,100 but it’s not trust me) 

-We went to his hotel and he gave me the bottom gift… I was pretty fucking happy because I’ve never owned Agent Provocateur before (no we didn’t have sex because we were both tired as hell) 

Anyway that’s about it…His flying back down Friday so I might update y’all. 

I think I’ll call him Russia 

(FYI He lives in NYC so he travels to come see me… maybe one day I can meet up with some NYC SB’s when I go to NYC to visit him)


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