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Ivy League Spoiled Girlfriend

Ivy League Spoiled Girlfriend


Kanye west is NOT great. He is a new black. My gosh.

A question by Anonymous




Your opinion is invalid

Preach anon PREACH!

Well y’all two can preach in some other house. Not over here

Kanye isn’t the new black, his bat shit crazy but he has literally always been like that. 








Know Your Veils: A Guide to Middle Eastern Head Coverings (PHOTOS)

Next time you are having dinner with a Bahraini dignitary, don’t embarrass yourself by confusing the Queen’s abaya with a burqa.

Simply read our full guide with the full explanations behind every Islamic veil here. 

Looks !!!!!!

Say they ain’t workin though

they so fabulous tho.

How do you pronounce them tho?

Hijab- He-JABB

Niqab- Knee-cab or Knee-cobb (i tend to hear both from southern and northern american accents)

Batula- Bat-Tulla

I dont know the other two, im sorry

Burqa- Berk-ka

Thank you! This is very helpful!



Wow. Cincinnati Bengals re-sign Devon Still to help pay for his daughter’s cancer treatment 

Read the full story here.

I cried reading this! This is team spirit to the max. This is humanity! 

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